Thursday, July 19, 2012

TLC-Thursday-Part Two

Well, it is Thursday again, and around here, that means Thursday TLC!

Each Thursday I will feature some waiting children on this blog...I want to give them some "virtual" TLC in the hopes that their family will find them, and bring them home for some real-life Tender, Loving, Care! For more info about each child, click on their name.

Today I have 3 wonderful children for you to get to know!

                                                                 First, meet Beatrice:

This little lovie was born with no eyes and no nose. She is less than a year old, so think of how wonderful it would be if her family finds her soon, and gets her the therapy and medical attention that she needs!

Next up is Marsha:

This sweetie has un-treated hydrocephalus. She needs to be rescued SOON so that she can get the life-saving surgery that she needs and cannot get in her birth country.

Last, we have beautiful Penny:

This darling girl is 11 years old and weighs just 21 pounds. She’s been confined to a bed her entire life in an orphanage where she received little interaction or care. She is still fed from a bottle and cared for very much like a baby. She has never had the opportunity to reach her full potential.

Please pray for these dear children. Please join with me in an effort to help find them homes, by sharing and getting the word out. They cannot speak for themselves. Let us be the hands and feet of Jesus and act on their behalf. They are worth it! 

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