Friday, July 27, 2012

Time to be the Hands and Feet of the Lord!

Today is Friday folks! And today is going to be what I am going to call a FAMILY FRIDAY!

There are families that are stepping out in faith to adopt, some of them who have already adopted not long ago, and they are back at it again. They are following God's call on their lives to care for the orphans. I am going to share some of these families with you. These families need us to rally around them and help them in this final part of their adoption journey.

First up is the Rogers family:

They are adopting two children after just getting back from adopting two more 4 months ago! They stepped on a plane today to fly to their future son and daughter's country and they are still $3500 short of having their adoption fully funded. If you would like to help them raise the rest of the money they need to complete their adoptions please click on their name and it will take you to their Reece's Rainbow family sponsorship page.

                                                   Here are their precious children-to-be:



Next is the Marble family. They also have trusted the Lord and gotten on board an airplane heading to adopt two children without being fully funded. They are short $4900.  We need to help these families! We need to pray for them, we need to share their need, and we need to partner with them financially on this last leg of their journey. To donate to the Marble's click on their family name and it will take you to their sponsorship page. All donations are tax-deductible.
Here are their darling sons-in-waiting:



Finally, there is the Friedl family. They are also adopting two children. Two beautiful waiting little girls. They have already left for their country and they are still an estimated $2000 short on funds. (They are still waiting on some fund-raising tallies.) We need to push them over the edge to the finish line! They are almost there! To donate to the Friedl's just click on their family name above. 3 families and a total of 6 children who will be orphans no more. This is important and they need our help.

Here are their cute soon-to-be daughters:



It is time. Time to stand with these families and help them bring home these darlings into their loving families. They have done the work. The fund-raising, the paperwork, the waiting, and so much more. All that stands in the way now is money. Money that I know can easily be raised with what we can each contribute if we join together. Listen, people. There are only a few things we can do on this earth that have eternal value. THIS is one of those things. YOU can make a difference in the lives of these children and their waiting families...and NOW is the time! I THANK you on their behalf! 

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