Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Follow-Up!

Today's entry is a follow-up to my FAMILY FRIDAY post. If you follow that link you can learn about the
Rogers family.

They began the process of adopting a sweet little boy and girl after they had only been home for 4 months from adopting another little boy and girl! They are a wonderful example of hearing God's voice and obeying His call immediately! 

Their adoption is still not fully-funded, and they are in country right now working on bringing their new little ones home. They have stepped out in faith, and we need to step up to the task of getting them over this last hurdle!

An advocate friend of mine is having a give-away here to help this family with their final need:
The Over-the-Wall Giveaway
There are only 2 more days to enter this giveaway and have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes!

Their FSP (family sponsorship page)  needs to read $13,000 to be fully-funded. You can find their page here: Rogers Family .

Just think...you can enter to win gift certificates, jewelry, and lots of gorgeous hand-made items, and at the same time help these two beauties get home to their new lives with their forever family:




Don't miss an amazing opportunity to help this family bring home these two treasures! You can make an eternal difference for this family and their soon-to-be son and daughter!
As always, please pray, share this post/information, donate if you can, and ADOPT!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Time to be the Hands and Feet of the Lord!

Today is Friday folks! And today is going to be what I am going to call a FAMILY FRIDAY!

There are families that are stepping out in faith to adopt, some of them who have already adopted not long ago, and they are back at it again. They are following God's call on their lives to care for the orphans. I am going to share some of these families with you. These families need us to rally around them and help them in this final part of their adoption journey.

First up is the Rogers family:

They are adopting two children after just getting back from adopting two more 4 months ago! They stepped on a plane today to fly to their future son and daughter's country and they are still $3500 short of having their adoption fully funded. If you would like to help them raise the rest of the money they need to complete their adoptions please click on their name and it will take you to their Reece's Rainbow family sponsorship page.

                                                   Here are their precious children-to-be:



Next is the Marble family. They also have trusted the Lord and gotten on board an airplane heading to adopt two children without being fully funded. They are short $4900.  We need to help these families! We need to pray for them, we need to share their need, and we need to partner with them financially on this last leg of their journey. To donate to the Marble's click on their family name and it will take you to their sponsorship page. All donations are tax-deductible.
Here are their darling sons-in-waiting:



Finally, there is the Friedl family. They are also adopting two children. Two beautiful waiting little girls. They have already left for their country and they are still an estimated $2000 short on funds. (They are still waiting on some fund-raising tallies.) We need to push them over the edge to the finish line! They are almost there! To donate to the Friedl's just click on their family name above. 3 families and a total of 6 children who will be orphans no more. This is important and they need our help.

Here are their cute soon-to-be daughters:



It is time. Time to stand with these families and help them bring home these darlings into their loving families. They have done the work. The fund-raising, the paperwork, the waiting, and so much more. All that stands in the way now is money. Money that I know can easily be raised with what we can each contribute if we join together. Listen, people. There are only a few things we can do on this earth that have eternal value. THIS is one of those things. YOU can make a difference in the lives of these children and their waiting families...and NOW is the time! I THANK you on their behalf! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Thursday TLC is URGENT!

It is Thursday again, and that means it is time for another waiting child "Tender Loving Care" post. This week's entry is going to be a little bit different than the previous ones. This time all of the children I will be listing have something in common. They are all within mere months of aging out from their ability to be adopted. That fact alone sounds bad enough. But do you know what this really means for them? It means that if they are not rescued, they will be left there for the rest of their lives. They MUST be redeemed from the cribs where they lay before they turn 16 years old. These children have waited SO long. Imagine the spirit and drive they all must have to have lasted this long. Turning 16 is supposed to mean good things. Gaining more independence and responsibility. Growing more and more into adulthood and life experiences. Turning 16 should not be akin to a death sentence!

Now I want to introduce you to these priceless treasures...

                                                            First, we have Trina :

Trina ages out in October.

Next, this is Jared:

Jared ages out in October, also.

Here we have Stefan:

Stefan ages out in September. It is the end of July, now!

And finally, here is Tommy:

Tommy will be aging out early next year.

Please, please help me find families for these 4 children. 3 boys and 1 girl who have spent 16 years  living in an institution. 16 years in a crib. Can you even fathom that? If I had not told you how old these dear ones are would you have even guessed that they were teenagers? I know that our Lord is mighty to save.  These precious children were made in His image, just like you and I were, and they are worth it. They are worthy of the love of a caring family. Please, let us find them families before they are hidden away forever. They have been hidden in darkness for too long. It is time for them to come out into the light.  I just know that whoever steps out into faith to rescue these children will be blessed beyond measure. The clock is literally ticking on their lives!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home-study Hoops--RESULTS!

Yesterday was the day we had our big HOMESTUDY HOOPS event, and it was a big success!

Edited to add: As of July 26th, 2012 we have raised $180 via this fund-raiser! We are just waiting for one more donation to come in! All glory to God!!

All 6 of the children participated and managed to get 217 baskets in within the hour time-frame. I am SO proud of them! They worked hard and had fun, which is always a great combination. Out of those baskets, our son Kyle made 175 single-handedly! This fund-raiser idea was his idea, and he was committed to getting the task done! I LOVE that my children have a heart for orphans. It will not just be my Husband and I who adopt, our whole family will be!

For those who have asked and planned to participate, the way to donate is through this Chip-In Event:

You can click on the button above, or on the one found on the upper right-hand corner of the blog-page. They are both the same, so either one will work. After all of the donations are in, I will post how much our total was!

Now, who wants to see some pictures of all this basketball action? We took a bunch! So, here you go!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fund-raiser Over-drive!

Hello everybody!

                              We are kicking things up into FUND-RAISER OVER-DRIVE!!!!

TODAY is the DAY for our first EVENT!

HOMESTUDY HOOPS is scheduled for today between 4pm and 5pm. Click through for information about how you can take part on-line!

Also, don't forget about the items that I make and sell for a fund-raiser...100% of the proceeds go toward our international special needs adoption.

 You can find out more about that right here: HOMECOMINGS, HEADBANDS, AND MORE

We are also planning a garage/yard sale for Saturday, June 28th, so if you are local, come on out and do some shopping! Also, please contact me if you have items that you would be willing to donate/include in our sale. I am hoping for a great success!

More fund-raisers are in the works, so stay tuned to hear about those. They will be going live before very long!

    Please PRAY, SHARE, and DONATE as you are able. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

TLC-Thursday-Part Two

Well, it is Thursday again, and around here, that means Thursday TLC!

Each Thursday I will feature some waiting children on this blog...I want to give them some "virtual" TLC in the hopes that their family will find them, and bring them home for some real-life Tender, Loving, Care! For more info about each child, click on their name.

Today I have 3 wonderful children for you to get to know!

                                                                 First, meet Beatrice:

This little lovie was born with no eyes and no nose. She is less than a year old, so think of how wonderful it would be if her family finds her soon, and gets her the therapy and medical attention that she needs!

Next up is Marsha:

This sweetie has un-treated hydrocephalus. She needs to be rescued SOON so that she can get the life-saving surgery that she needs and cannot get in her birth country.

Last, we have beautiful Penny:

This darling girl is 11 years old and weighs just 21 pounds. She’s been confined to a bed her entire life in an orphanage where she received little interaction or care. She is still fed from a bottle and cared for very much like a baby. She has never had the opportunity to reach her full potential.

Please pray for these dear children. Please join with me in an effort to help find them homes, by sharing and getting the word out. They cannot speak for themselves. Let us be the hands and feet of Jesus and act on their behalf. They are worth it! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Homecomings, Headbands, and More!

                                           Well, I am getting into full on fund-raising gear!

                              Allow me to introduce you to
                     "Homecomings, Headbands, and More"!

This is a personal home business that I have launched to help raise the money that we need for our adoption plans. I am offering hand-made head-bands, jewelry, and more available for donations to our Chip-In. 

Each photo listed below is for an item available. The description will include a minimum donation amount, and shipping is included in the amount listed.  After an item is sold, I will indicate so in the posting.  Shop for yourself, your children, or pick up some gifts all while helping out a great cause.
100% of all proceeds will go towards our efforts to bring home a child, or children, waiting for a forever family...our family!

Here are the currently available items...I will update regularly:

                               Navy Blue with Daisies: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

                              Rainbow Glitter on Black: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

                    Turquoise and White Flower on Black: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

                                     Princess Pink: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.

                    Down Syndrome Awareness Yellow/Blue: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

                                  Rainbow Flowers: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Pastel Yellow with Flowers: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Ukraine Yellow and Blue With Gingham Flowers: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Perfect Pink and Lavender: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Blue Sparkle: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.

Flower Stack White: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Sweet on Pink: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Pink Sparkle on Black: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.

Rainbow Sparkle on White: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.

Sweet on Pink (Gingham): Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Purple Fun: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.

Silver-Plated Chinese Dragon Charm Necklace: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.
(Anybody bringing home a little love from China? This would be perfect for you!) 

Silver-Plated Sand Dollar Charm Necklace: Available for donation of $6.50 or more.

Silver-Plated Airplane Charm Necklace: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.
(Anybody going to be flying for Gotcha Day soon? This would be perfect for that occasion!)

Silver-Plated Cross Charm Necklace: Available for donation of $7.50 or more.

To purchase, leave a comment with what item(s) you are interested in and I will get you all the details that you need! Payments will be made via PayPal to our Chip-In event, or by personal check. Thank you for your interest and God Bless! Please re-post and share!

Here is the link to our Facebook Event Page:
Homecomings, Headbands, and More!