Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday TLC---UPDATED

I have put together this blog to journal our family's experiences as we follow God's lead in bringing home orphans via international adoption. But it has more of a purpose than that. I want to use it as a voice to advocate for as many waiting children as possible, and to help other families who are in the process of bringing home their children as well.

With that in mind, I have created Thursday TLC. I plan for this to be a regularly running segment where I feature children who have been listed for adoption and need their forever home to be found. I want to give them some virtual TENDER LOVING CARE. Most of all, I want to get their faces out there, so that their Mamas and Daddys will see them and bring them home for some real tlc!

So! Off we go! For more information about each child, just click on their name.

First on my list is little Wyatt:

Isn't he just a little love?

Next we have Ekaterina:

She really looks like she needs to be rescued!

Also, please meet Caiden:

This poor little one looks so lost. He has already been transferred to an institution. :(

And I want to add Sasha to the list as well:

He has also been transferred to an institution. One that has been described as remote, miserable, and life-sucking by someone who has been there to adopt her own son. There are NO toys here. Nothing to do. Just sitting in mind-numbing sheds surrounded by moaning boys or laying untouched in a crib ALL THE TIME. 

Please pray for these little ones. Pray them home! Pray them into the loving arms of families that are willing to
step out in faith and cross the ocean for them. And please share. Who knows? Maybe YOU will be the one who helps one or more of these children be found. Or maybe YOU have seen their picture and realized that YOU have found your son or daughter.

 May the Lord be glorified through the redemption of the orphan's life!

And never forget...

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! They need all of us shouting for them as much as we can.