Sunday, July 8, 2012



Two friends were walking along the beach. The beach was littered with thousands of starfish that were drying up in the sun. As the two friends walked along,one of them bent down and picked up a starfish and carefully tossed it back to the sea. They could hardly walk without the man rescuing a poor starfish. As they continued , the one man asked his friend "Why are you throwing these starfish back into the water? It doesn't matter." The friend smiled, as he tossed the starfish back to the sea , and he simply said...

" It matters to this one."  ~Author Unknown

Many people say that the orphan crisis is too big. That we
cannot save them all. Well, it is true that individually we cannot save them all. But, we can make a difference for "this one". That is how they will be saved, one at a time. That is what our family wants to do. We want to rescue a "Starfish" or two...or however many the Lord wishes for us to. If you would like to help us in this mission would you consider donating to the chip-in box on the upper-right-hand corner of this blog page? The truth is, the little one(s) we bring home will likely bless us all more than we could ever bless them. 

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