Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home-study Hoops--RESULTS!

Yesterday was the day we had our big HOMESTUDY HOOPS event, and it was a big success!

Edited to add: As of July 26th, 2012 we have raised $180 via this fund-raiser! We are just waiting for one more donation to come in! All glory to God!!

All 6 of the children participated and managed to get 217 baskets in within the hour time-frame. I am SO proud of them! They worked hard and had fun, which is always a great combination. Out of those baskets, our son Kyle made 175 single-handedly! This fund-raiser idea was his idea, and he was committed to getting the task done! I LOVE that my children have a heart for orphans. It will not just be my Husband and I who adopt, our whole family will be!

For those who have asked and planned to participate, the way to donate is through this Chip-In Event:

You can click on the button above, or on the one found on the upper right-hand corner of the blog-page. They are both the same, so either one will work. After all of the donations are in, I will post how much our total was!

Now, who wants to see some pictures of all this basketball action? We took a bunch! So, here you go!


  1. Hello,Jenni,
    It was a great post. I'd like to say that for the first time I hear someone saying something I keep on repeating in almost each one of my posts. My Mom and my older (bio) children always did and do so, so very much for each adoption, and for their younger brothers that I keep on letting others know. It was nice to see that you talk about your whole family too. God bless, Lillian / Lillian Godone-Maresca

  2. Thank you, Lillian! :)

    Your encouragement really touches my heart! Thank you for blessing us with your words!