Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Standing Up For What You Believe In!

Today, many Christians have gone out to support Chik-Fil-A restaurants in their stand for Biblical authority. They are lined up and waiting in line for hours to spend their money in an effort to encourage this company's right to free speech. I am happy to see it. I stand behind this franchise's choice to stand firm in their convictions. It is so refreshing to see, and rare these days.

 But, with that said, I wish that those SAME Christians would choose to put their $$ where their mouths are in terms of orphan care. Just think of how fast we could get families funded to adopt if that many people put that same amount of money towards helping the children waiting in orphanages as it cost them to fill up on waffle fries, chicken nuggets, and sweet tea!

I am not trying to take away from this event in any way. But there is a difference. Let's face it. Treating the family to a meal out may be a bit of a financial stretch, but it is still in some ways serving ourselves.
To give to the orphans is sacrificial. They have no way of paying you back, but their need is great. It is HARD to think about children being left in cribs, hungry and alone. It is PAINFUL to look at pictures of children that are teenagers that are thrown away because of their physical needs or differences. It is not always an easy thing to do, but Christians, we MUST DO IT! James 1:27 was written to all of us.

I would just like to see the same kind of passion be displayed in such a large outpouring for waiting children.
I am not trying to belittle those who have participated in this event, I just want to see a burden for these little ones.

I am not writing this post to try and cause division among believers. I am sharing out of the deep burden I have upon my heart. This event has proven, it has shown, that under the right circumstances, we can come together and make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Please, won't you join with me in making a difference for the least of these? The ones that have no voice? They cannot ask for help, so I am asking for them. Join me in prayer for the fatherless. Share this message so that more can be awakened to this need.
Donate to support waiting children or families who have stepped out in faith to be a difference to one or more of these children. And consider adoption, your son or daughter may be waiting for you!

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