Saturday, August 18, 2012

Small Update On Our Adoption Process!

Today I have a small update for you on where we stand with our adoption plans!

We have received preliminary permission to proceed with pursuing adopting a child with special needs from a country in Eastern Europe. We got this permission from the child placing agency. We are just in the beginning stages, but we are thrilled that they will be working with us! We have filled out our application for them, and they will be contacting us after they review and approve it. Our next task is to schedule a phone interview with their staff. After that, we will begin completing our required adoption education classes. It feels so good to be making some progress and heading down the right path that will lead to our future child, who will be an ORPHAN NO MORE at the end of that path!

Soon, we will be knee-deep in all of the paper-work associated with international adoption. Especially since we plan to complete our home-study update in October...that is not very long from now!

Which brings me to my next topic...FUND-RAISING! So far, we have raised a little bit more than $200 of the $750 we need for our home-study. That will be followed by commitment fees/agency fees soon after, so we really need to get serious about raising funds. But, one step at a time. To meet our first goal, we need to raise approximately $550 more by October 1st.

Here are some opportunities to help us raise this money!

1) My home businessHomecomings, Headbands, and More 100% of all proceeds go toward helping us fund our adoption. You can also visit my store on Facebook.

2) Check out my Starfish Poem Prints that I put together hereHome-Study Helper
These prints make great gifts, and are available for a donation of $5 or more!

3) For my local friends, we will be having a garage/yard sale to benefit our adoption on
Saturday, August 25th, from 8am-4pm. If anyone has anything they would like to donate, please let me know! We will have lots of toys, household items, furniture, etc. I will also be featuring some of my store items!

4) We have a Chip-In Event set up to run until October 1st. You can find a blue donate box on the upper-right-hand side of this blog. Secure donations can be accepted via PayPal/Credit Card by clicking here. I will also post it below:

Please consider helping us reach our 1st goal! Our home-study goal! We are currently $550 short, and I know that together we can get it done! Also, please pray! Pray for our process, for our fund-raising, and above all, please pray for our to-be-adopted child. An orphan's life is not an easy one. We want to get to our child and bring them into a home filled with God's love ASAP. We will be working as fast as we can. Every day matters, there is no time to waste! To those who give/pray/support/encourage we say...



  1. Hello!!! I'm excited to know about your cause. As soon as I get my budget all squared away I hope that I can help!

  2. Thank you, Heidi! That is such a blessing and encouragement to us!
    We appreciate it more than you will even know! :)