Thursday, August 16, 2012

From More Bad. :(

Today is Thursday and I have quite a TLC post for you today. It is a very difficult entry.

Most often, I feature three or four waiting children each week, but this time I feel led to share only one.
One child who has been through so much that I am compelled to focus only upon him. I am going to shout for him today because he is worth it. He deserves it, even if he most likely does not know it himself.

Meet Thad:

This poor sweet angel. He is 9 years old. He has severe brain trauma from physical abuse. Thad’s disabilities are a result of trauma that he experienced while being abused. He was removed from the abusive environment and placed in an orphanage where he still did not receive the proper level of care for his needs. He’s considered significantly delayed and is extremely small for his age.

Imagine it, if you can. Abused and mistreated so severely that your brain is injured. Then, imagine being sent to a place where you are neglected, starved, and left miserable and alone.

This little boy has had no rescue, he has had no refuge. Just heartache. Somehow he is still fighting and surviving. God must have an amazing plan for this little fellow's life. Thad needs a chance. He needs a family to step up and whisk him out of the place where he is. He needs someone to show him what love feels like. What it feels like to be safe, well-fed, and comfortable. He is waiting for someone to see his potential and his value. Someone who is willing to step up and say, "NO MORE!" No more of this life for this precious child that was created in God's image. He is waiting for someone to share God's love with him. Please, help me find Thad a family so that he does not have to wait any longer than he already has. 

Share this post! Share his profile! Let's get his face out there so that his Mama and Daddy can find him and bring him home! Help me yell for Thad! Help me rally around this child. He is waiting...while we go to sleep in our cozy beds. He is waiting...while we sit down to dinner. He is waiting...while we go to the park to watch our children happily play. He is just waiting....for us to ACT!


  1. Ah bless his little heart :(

  2. Did you see?!?!? Thad has been found!!!!


  3. YES! I saw! I know who his Mama is going to be, and she is wonderful! That little boy is going to be loved like he has never known. I could just cry, it makes me SO HAPPY!!!! Thank you for sharing in this joy, Emily! :)