Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Matching Grant!


I have just been informed that a dear Lady has decided to give us a matching grant for our adoption fees! I have never had the blessing of meeting her, but she wants to help us raise our funds. Isn't that amazing and beautiful? If we can raise $250, she will match that amount for a total of $500 towards our adoption of our little boy! My friends, this is a huge chunk out of the check we need to send to our agency. Apparently, this grant was announced on New Year's Eve, but that night I fell ill with an awful stomach bug, and I have not been on-line any at all until now. That means that I have to get cracking and figure out how to raise this $250 so that we can meet our matching grant! In the mean time, here is a Chip-In event that I set up specifically for this grant, so we can know exactly where we are in raising the funds:

So please pray that we can raise this money, share with others, and donate if you can. We need the number to read $250! I will be back soon with an update to see how we can promote this grant and get this grant matched! God Bless! This New Year is going to be all about getting our little boy out of his orphanage and  home with us forever!


I want this matching grant to benefit as many as possible. So, for every $10 donated to our Chip-In Event above, you can earn a chance to have us give $20 towards the Family Sponsorship Page or Waiting Child Grant Fund of your choice here: Reece's Rainbow.

So that means that you have a chance to double your money in donation to another family/child, and help us reach $500 at the same time! As soon as our Chip-In reaches $250, I will choose a name at random, contact you, and find out who you would like the funds to go to. Let's work together to get all of these precious ones home!


As an additional incentive to what I listed above, anyone who donates $10 or more towards our matching grant may also choose one of the following gift items, paying only the shipping amount!

Just comment with the item of your choice and leave me contact information so that I can get it sent out to you. Please leave me a comment so that I can let you know how to pay for shipping so that it does not skew the matching grant total. Thanks!!


  1. OK it's KILLING me that there are no comments here and I really want to get this going so---$10 here!!! :)

  2. Thank you Mary! You are wonderful! :)
    God bless you!!

  3. You're over 1/2 way there now!! :) We will have to meet up when both our kiddos are HOME! :)