Friday, November 16, 2012

Catching Up...and a GREAT Announcement!

Hello everyone!

It has been WAY TOO LONG since I have updated our blog here. I am sorry to leave you hanging!

The reason for the delay is pretty much that life has been crazy busy...some of it usual life stuff, but mostly because I have been fund-raising like a mad woman! I am working like crazy to raise the money we need to go and get our little man out of his orphanage and home with us where he belongs! We have also been busy working on completing our Hague Adoption Class requirements, and working on paperwork etc.
We have had garage sales, on-line auctions, vendor fund-raisers, you name it. It is coming along SLOWLY but surely. It is SO worth the effort, but fund-raising is starting to feel like a full-time job some days!

I do have a bit of news to share! We found out today that our commitment documents were accepted by the government officials in our son's country! Hooray for some encouraging progress! It was such exciting news to receive! Soon we will be assembling dossier paperwork and really getting down to work!

We still have almost $3000 that we need to raise to pay our first installment of agency fees. So, let me share three fund-raisers that we currently have going.

1) Our BUY-IT-NOW Christmas Gift Sale !
In this event, we are selling all brand new with tag/in packaging items. Stop by and do some holiday shopping and help us bring our son home at the same time!

2) Our National ADOPTION Month Challenge !
November is national adoption month? Did you know that? Isn't that great? In this event, we are trying to raise the rest of our first set of fees by Thanksgiving Day. Now THAT would certainly be something to be thankful for, wouldn't it? Can you help us reach our goal?

3) Our Skip-A-Meal Fundraiser !
For this event, we are not actually asking you to not eat a meal, but to consider not eating out for one, and perhaps donating the difference to help us raise the funds we need for our adoption.

So, like I said, I am super busy working on getting our little guy home...and planning these fund-raisers! I think I am going to start dreaming about fund-raisers at this rate! So please, if you can, would you consider helping us reach our goal? Every single dollar gets us closer, and blesses our hearts beyond measure. It is like climbing a mountain, but knowing that every step gets us a little bit farther along than we were before. And please, oh please, share with anyone that you think may be interested in helping. And above all, please pray for us on this journey. Pray for us as every decision is made,  and every paper is signed, notarized, and apostilled. Pray for us to be able to negotiate the process as quickly as possible to go and get our son out of his orphanage and into our family!

And I shall leave you with some super-duper cuteness, because that is what you are really here for aren't you? Oh, come on and admit it. I will understand. I feel the same way when I walk by his pictures in our kitchen every day!                                    Here's our boy.......

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  1. Fundraising IS a full time job :) My God provide for your adoption! I have also been overwhelmed with it recently but the Lord is in control! (We are adopting "peyton" from "gage's" orphanage.) Be blessed...your little guy is such a cutie!